7 Road Trip Snacks Perfect for Monsoon Adventures

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Delicious and crispy fritters made from chickpea flour and spices, perfect for a snack on a rainy day during a car trip.

Hot Tea or Coffee

 A friend that accompanies the monsoon drives and provides warmth and a drink in the cool and wet weather.

Hot Samosas

 Triangular shaped patty of spiced potatoes and peas in layers of crisp pastry, perfect for a quick bite of something tasty.

 These seasoned snacks are nutty and crunchy, and they offer a great source of protein and a good munching item for long trips.

Roasted Peanuts

Hot Bhutta

 Corn on the cob grilled and coated with spices and lime, which are ideal for eating while on the road.

Aloo Tikki

 A type of pastry that is deep-fried and is usually stuffed with spiced lentils or peas to make it a delicious snack to be taken while exploring the rainy day.


 A scrumptious snack of shallow fried potato kachori's garnished with chutneys give you the energy for your monsoon road trips. 

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