8 Easy Methi Remedies for Hair Growth

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Methi Seeds Hair Mask

 Methi seeds should be soaked in water for about 6-7 hours and then ground to make a paste. Massage into the scalp and hair, let it sit for 30 minutes, then wash out.

 Methi & Coconut Oil Treatment

 Methi seed powder should be mixed with warm coconut oil. Apply on the scalp and let it sit overnight for maximum penetration of the nutrients.

Methi & Yogurt Hair Pack

 Mix methi seed powder with yogurt. This hydrating mask should be applied to the hair and left for 30 minutes before washing off.

 Mix the methi seeds which have been soaked in water with the aloe vera gel. Massage on the scalp and hair to treat dandruff and for hair growth.

Methi & Aloe Vera Gel

Methi & Curry Leaves

 Methi seeds and curry leaves should be boiled in water. The cooled mixture can be used as the last hair wash for sheen and hair growth.

Methi & Lemon Juice Mask

 Methi seed powder should be blended with fresh lemon juice. Use on the scalp to prevent infections and promote hair growth.

Methi & Castor Oil 

 Mix methi seed powder with castor oil. Massage on the scalp to increase blood flow and make hair follicles healthy.

Methi & Egg Hair Pack

 Take methi seed powder and beat an egg. This protein-rich mask should be applied on hair and left for 30 minutes before washing off.

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