Most Popular Mango Varieties in India 

By: Getdistributors


The Totapuri mango is a very special one that can be easily identified by its oval shape and pointed ends which make it unique. The taste of it is sour-sweet and it is firm which is why it is great for pickle and chutney.

Kesar is famous for its rich flavor, sweetness, good smell, and soft texture. It has a distinct flavor with hints of citrus.



Langra mangoes are admired for their special taste which is a combination of sweetness, a little sourness, and citrus flavor. They have a slightly greenish-yellow color. 


Safeda is widely known for its sweetness, fiber-free, and mild taste. They are generally pale yellow and are consumed raw, or used in desserts and juices.  


The Alphonso mango is the most famous for its natural sweetness and texture. It is the King of all mangoes in India.

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