Varieties of  Tractors and Their Applications

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Garden tractors are just the right fit for maintaining lawns and gardens, These compact yet powerful tractors are designed for jobs such as mowing, tilling, and carrying materials around residential areas.

Garden Tractors

Farm tractors are robust, strong, and powerful. Large-scale agricultural operations depend on farm tractors to perform heavy-duty tasks like plowing, planting, and harvesting on extensive farmlands.

Farm Tractors

Towing tractor is a common equipment in airports and industrial settings. It is designed for towing heavy loads or for towing equipment.

Towing Tractor

Compact Tractor

Compact tractors are small in size. They are versatile and ideal for tasks in tight spaces, such as gardening, landscaping, and light agricultural work.

Agricultural Tractor

Agricultural tractors are robust machines that are used for plowing fields, sowing seeds, and performing other farming tasks, as they are aimed at improving crop production.

Electric Tractor

Electric tractors are eco-friendly, they use electricity in place of traditional fuels, thus reducing emissions and making them a sustainable choice for farming and other purposes.

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