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Slatestone is a foliated metamorphic rock, which has been extensively used since the 1870s for various purposes. Besides, due to its high level of durability and attractive appearance, it is commonly used for roofing, flooring, and flagging. This stone is also known for its fireproof nature and electric insulation. Owing to its thermal stability and chemical inertness, slatestone is used for laboratory benchtops. To know more about how to be a Slatestone distributor, click on Post Inquiry.

  • Products Offering :

    Paving Sandstone, Lime Stone, Marble Stones, Sandstone Cobbles, Setts, rainforest Green Marble, Rain

    City : Jaipur
    State: Rajasthan

    Investment Required : Rs. 2.00 Lac - Rs. 5.00 Lac

  • Products Offering :

    Decorative Laminates, Laminated Sheets, Textured Laminates, Designer Laminate Sheets, Gloss Lamina

    City : Ahmedabad
    State: Gujarat

    Investment Required : Rs. 10.00 Lac - Rs. 20.00 Lac

    Space Required : 1000 Sq.ft

  • Products Offering :

    Natural Stone, Stone Murals, Marble, Granite, Slate, Basalt, Stacking Stone, Sandstone, Tiles, Sla

    City : Pune
    State: Maharashtra

    Investment Required : Rs. 5.00 Lac - Rs. 20.00 Lac

    Space Required : 1000 Sq.ft

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