DSK Networks And Solutions Private Limited



Investment Required:

5.00 Lac - 6.00 Lac


Looking for distributors

Investment Required

5.00 Lac - 6.00 Lac







Space Required

120 Sq.ft

No. of Distributors


Company Outlets


Business Details

DSK Networks & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. formerly known as DSK Networks established in 2010, dedicated to providing you the very best of Services with an emphasis on Telecom Implementation on 2G, 3G & 4G Equipments.  And Entered in EV Charging Solutions in the year 2021 with our own Design, Development, Manufacturing & CMS/App/NOC Services with our Brand Name DSK POWER.

DSK Networks & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer, developer, and service provider of various types of AC EV Chargers and its charging management system (CMS) / Application. Offered EV chargers are known for their high level of efficiency. Made in India, all of them have a long service life and can withstand humidity, heat, dust, and other elements. These EV chargers are offered at reasonable rates because all of them are designed and created in our in-house production unit. All of these chargers are made by the team which is not only skilled but also responsible.


DSK Networks & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., We are OEM (Original Equpment Manufacture) And Provide all range of EV chargers with your Own Brand.


Are you looking to create your own BRAND in the EV Charging Industry?

At DSK NETWORKS, We provide End-to-End EV Charging White label Charger Hardware with your customization requirements. 


Our users trust us because we are capable to provide quick and reliable service related to our products. Moreover, we design our chargers as per the preference of not only users but also business owners and operators. By doing this, we are able to create products that can satisfy almost everyone.


Our charging management system (CMS) / Application. CMS is known for its best features. These features are user-friendly interface, NOC 24*7 support, role-based access management, remote management, comprehensive data analytics, map view of charging stations, etc.


Based in Sangli, Maharashtra, India, DSK Networks & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was formed in the year 2021.

To increase our market reach across, we are looking for region-level distributors in:

1. Maharashtra (district-wise or region-wise)

2. Karnataka (region-wise - 3 to 4 districts in one region)

3. Gujarat (region-wise - 3 to 4 districts in one region)

4. Goa - one or two distributors

5. Andhra Pradesh (region-wise - 3 to 4 districts in one region)

Note - Our distributorship term will be yearly for 10 to 15 years.


Offered products:

- Plug On - EV Charger: AC EV Charger, 3.3 kW x 1 Output

- 7.4 kW Single Gun EV Charger: AC EV Charger, 7.4 kW x 1 Output

- 7.4 kW Dual Gun EV Charger: AC EV Charger, 7.4 kW x 2 Output

- 22 kW Type 2 EV Charger: AC EV Charger, 22 kW x 1 Output

- Hybrid EV Charger: AC EV Charger, 7.4 kW x 1 & 3.3 kW x 2 Output

- Bharat EV Charger: AC EV Charger, 3.3 kW x 3 Output 


USPs of our products:

- Smooth performance

- Easy maintenance

- Robust construction


Distributorship requirements:

- The distributors must have a space of 120 sq. ft. for office setup (can also be adjusted in any existing office)

- They must pay an amount of INR 5 lakhs as an initial investment (for more details look below)

- They should be cooperative with us


Distributorship benefits:

- Our distributors will get margins of 25% - 30% (initially they will get 25% margin but when they reach the slab of minimum revenue of 5 lakhs per month then they will earn 30% margins)

- They will get complete support from our side for advertising and brand building

- They will get informative brochures from our side


Business organization USPs:

- Ethical trade practices

- Superior-quality electric chargers

- Well-equipped ultra-modern infrastructural unit



Please contact us or send your response to become our distributor.