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An electronic safe is a secure, lockable box that is used for safeguarding valuables against theft or damage. Electro-mechanical safes can be opened by entering a predetermined PIN on a keypad which triggers the locking mechanism to open. Electronic safes provide extra protection against physical attacks and are much safer than traditional safes. Send inquiry if you are interested in becoming a distributor of Electronic Safe.

  • Products Offering :

    Security Products, Strong Room Doors, Bank Note Detector, Modular Vaults Knight Safes, Gun Saf

    City : Kochi
    State: Kerala

    Investment Required : Rs. 2.00 Lac - Rs. 5.00 Lac

    Space Required : 300 Sq.ft

  • Products Offering :


    City : Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra

    Investment Required : Rs. 2.00 Lac - Rs. 5.00 Lac

  • Products Offering :

    LED Driver, Motion Sensor Light, RGB Remote Control, Electrical Touch Switch Board, Flexible LED Str

    City : Vijayawada
    State: Andhra Pradesh

    Investment Required : Rs. 2.00 Lac - Rs. 3.00 Lac

    Space Required : 1000 Sq.ft

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