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Cosmetics Distributors

It is needless to say that cosmetics play a very crucial role in any woman's life. Women have always loved to adorn themselves in a way that makes them look splendid and attractive. Interestingly, women use an average of 12 personal care products daily as compared to men who use just half of that or may be even less than that. However, it is equally important to have a know how of the make up you use, lest you end up using products that are harmful to your body in the long run. Take some examples, glycerin works as a conditioning polymer and is also used in the hair care products to soften your hair. Whereas, a synthetic ingredient named dimethicone is used in face powders to give smoothing effect and gives your skin an airbrushed finishing. Wanted distributor & dealer of cosmetic products, natural cosmetics, foundation cosmetics, natural makeup, lipsticks, mascara, eye shadow, kajal, organic cosmetics, natural cosmetic products, herbal cosmetics, organic cosmetic products, etc. in India.

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