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Home furnishing accessories are those items that are used to create a pleasant and comfortable environment in areas we live in or work. They enhance the quality of a place by adding color, texture, and elegance to it. These items include cushions, carpets, curtains, paintings, and so on. These accessories help in creating a personal space for an individual, reflecting his/her taste and preferences. Click on 'send inquiry' to become a distributor of Home Furnishing Accessories and Home Furnishing and Home Furnishing Products.

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  • Products Offering :

    Quilts, Bed Linen, Pillow, Neck Pillow, Bed Sheet, Cosee Designer Bolster, Fitted Bed Sheet, Printed

    City : Chennai
    State: Tamil Nadu

    Investment Required : Rs. 2.00 Lac - Rs. 5.00 Lac

    Star Package
  • Products Offering :

    Office Workstation, Storage Cabinet, Reception Table, Conference Table, CEO, Director's Table, Offic

    City : Sahibabad
    State: Uttar Pradesh

    Investment Required : Rs. 50.00 K - Rs. 250.00 K

    Space Required : 100 Sq.ft

    Star Package
  • Products Offering :


    City : Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra

    Investment Required : Rs. 2.00 Lac - Rs. 5.00 Lac

  • Products Offering :

    Mattress, Foam Sheet, Cushions, Bonded Foam, Mattress Protector,

    City : Kolkata
    State: West Bengal

    Investment Required : Rs. 15.00 Lac - Rs. 16.00 Lac

    Space Required : 500 Sq.ft

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  • Products Offering :

    Wooden Curtain Finials, Wooden Toys, Wooden Blinds

    City : Najibabad
    State: Uttar Pradesh

    Investment Required : Rs. 5.00 Lac - Rs. 10.00 Lac

    Space Required : 25000 Sq.ft

  • Products Offering :

    Home Furnishing, Carpet, Rugs, Bed Linen, Mats, Curtains, Jute Door Mats, Jute Matting, Jute Rugs, F

    City : New Delhi
    State: Delhi

    Investment Required : Rs. 10.00 Lac - Rs. 20.00 Lac

    Space Required : 300 Sq.ft

  • Products Offering :

    World's Slimmest Plastic Shoe Rack

    City : Nashik
    State: Maharashtra

    Investment Required : Rs. 50.00 K - Rs. 99.00 K

  • Products Offering :

    Home furnishing wall panel

    City : Surat
    State: Gujarat

    Investment Required : Rs. 25.00 Lac - Rs. 30.00 Lac

    Space Required : 1000 Sq.ft

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