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Generally used in metallurgy, a pair of bellows is a device fabricated to deliver a strong blast of air to the fuel to increase the rate of combustion, and thus, the heat output. Expansion joints are made for different purposes such as absorbing vibration, holding parts together, and curbing expansion & contraction of construction materials by absorbing heat. Feel free to send an inquiry, if you want to be a wholesale dealer & distributor of Bellows & Expansion Joints', Bellow, Expansion Joint, Expansion Bellows, Rubber Bellow, Metal Bellows, Rubber Expansion Bellows and many more.

  • Products Offering :

    Bearings, Hoses, Expansion Joints, SS, HCHC Balls, Hydraulic Hoses, Industrial Hoses, PTFE Hoses,

    City : Secunderabad
    State: Telangana

    Investment Required : Rs. 2.00 Lac - Rs. 5.00 Lac

  • Products Offering :

    Tri Clamps,Hoses, Bellows, Bend, Te

    City : Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra

    Investment Required : Rs. 1.00 Lac - Rs. 2.00 Lac

    Space Required : 150 Sq.ft

  • Products Offering :

    Metal Bellows, Expansion Joints, Axial Bellows, Bellow valve

    City : Mahad
    State: Maharashtra

    Investment Required : Rs. 1.00 Lac - Rs. 2.00 Lac

  • Products Offering :

    Medium Mechanical Seal, Rotary Joints, Pump Spare Parts, Mechanical Seals, Double Mechanical Seal,

    City : Ahmedabad
    State: Gujarat

    Investment Required : Rs. 50.00 K - Rs. 100.00 K

    Space Required : 500 Sq.ft

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  • Products Offering :

    Metal Expansion Joints

    City : Cheyyar
    State: Tamil Nadu

    Investment Required : Rs. 25.00 K - Rs. 50.00 K

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