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Textile Machinery Spares, Components & Accessories Distributors

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Jacquard Machine, Jacquard Machine Cylinder, Power Jacquard Machine, Industrial Jacquard Machine Cyl

Investment Required : Rs. 2.00 Lac - Rs. 3.00 Lac

Space Required 500 Sq.ft

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State : Haryana

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  • Products Offering :

    Gcl-6, Hdn-4 Circular Loom Parts, Fil-23 Winder Spares, Circular Loom Spares, Cam Rollers, Pusher Wh

    City : Vadodara
    State: Gujarat

  • Products Offering :

    Flat Healds, Ridderless Healds and Leno Healds. Flat Healds, Ridderless Healds are in "C" shape, "J"

    City : Ahmedabad
    State: Gujarat

    Investment Required : Rs. 25.00 K - Rs. 50.00 K

  • Products Offering :

    textile machinery spares and textile spare

    City : Coimbatore
    State: Tamil Nadu

    Investment Required : Rs. 1.00 Lac - Rs. 5.00 Lac

    Space Required : 500 Sq.ft

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