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A thermocouple is a kind of sensor that measures temperature and is made of two wires of different metals that are joined together at one end in order to form a junction. Thermocouples find their application in various industrial processes and are used as temperature sensors in thermostats. They are utilized as flame sensors in various safety devices. Click on "Send Inquiry" if you are interested in becoming a wholesale dealer & distributor of Thermocouples', K Type Thermocouple, Thermocouple Wire, J Type Thermocouple, T Type Thermocouple, High Temperature Thermocouple. 

  • Products Offering :

    Thermocouple Extension Cables, Thermocouple Compensating Cables, Compensating Cables, Instrumentat

    City : Rajkot
    State: Gujarat

    Investment Required : Rs. 2.00 Lac - Rs. 5.00 Lac

  • Products Offering :

    Thermocouple Connectors, Resistance Temperature Detectors, Ceramic Wire Wound elements (Bulbs), Thin

    City : Panvel
    State: Maharashtra

    Investment Required : Rs. 1.00 Cr - Rs. 2.00 Cr

    Space Required : 1000 Sq.ft

  • Products Offering :

    Process instrument- All type temperature sensor –RTD, Thermocouple, Infrared temperature Gun / I

    City : Bharuch
    State: Gujarat

    Investment Required : Rs. 5.00 Lac - Rs. 10.00 Lac

  • Products Offering :

    Compensating Cable, Heat-proof Cable, L. T. Furnace Cable, Thermocouple Cable, Water Cooled Cable,

    City : Kolkata
    State: West Bengal

    Space Required : 100 Sq.ft

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  • Products Offering :

    API impurities, API intermediates Capecitabine Intermediates, Imatinib Intermediates, Lenalidomide I

    City : Hyderabad
    State: Telangana

    Investment Required : Rs. 1.00 Lac - Rs. 2.00 Lac

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