Ujenia Enterprises Private Limited



Investment Required:

1.00 Lac - 100.00 Lac


Looking for distributors

Investment Required

1.00 Lac - 100.00 Lac







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Business Details

UJENIA ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED offers ENERGY DRINK under the brand name VIDYUT. Our energy drink contains plant-based caffeine that provides the desired energy boost without compromising health. This item has vitamin B which can help in converting macronutrients into usable energy for the body. Also, it can help in managing stress and maintaining the health and proper functioning of the nervous system. This beverage comes with a mixed fruit flavor that appeals to our consumers.

Our energy drink complies with industry standards and regulations, ensuring that it is safe for consumption. It also has an appropriate shelf life, indicating that it can remain safe and effective for consumption over a reasonable period. The packaging of the energy drink is sturdy, convenient, and tamper-proof. This beverage is offered at premium rates with highest possible profit margin in the industry.

Situated in GANDHINAGAR, GUJARAT, INDIA, we have established our business in 2023. We are making a name for ourselves in this sector at a steady rate.

Now, we want to increase our market reach in India and worldwide. For this reason, we are now searching for city-level (in tier 01 and tier 02 cities at first) and country-level distributors.


Note: Our distributorship term is going to be yearly and also, renewable.


USPs of our energy drink:

- Our energy drink is delectable

- It is highly effective in providing an extra boost of energy

- It is free from additives that can be bad for health


Conditions of being our distributors:

- INR 1 lakh to INR 100 lakh (investment required per order)

- They must have a storage space to store our energy drink

- Managerial skills of our distributors should be good


Advantages for our distributors:

- Our distributors will get highest and most competitive profit margin

- They will get support in brand building

- They will be provided help in advertising

- They will be given informative brochures


Features of our company:

- We offer top-class energy drink

- We have the backing of an efficient team

- We prioritize meeting the needs of our customers