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    Mushroom & Truffle Franchises (1 Results)

    For health benefits and to have delicious option to eat, people across the world are consuming Mushroom. It is spore-bearing fruiting body of a Fungus, which itself get produced over ground on soil or on its food source due to presence of microscopic spores on the occupant surface. Among various variety of Mushrooms, Truffle is a type which usually do not have stalks and its pungent taste make it use sparingly. Mushrooms of Truffle variety are widely used for production of light brine and after adding to friend Eggs, Pasta and Salads. Oil of these Truffle is also used to enhance the aroma and flavor in cooking. Further, people across the world are consuming Truffle Mushroom after preparing its Vodka and Cocktails. Indian Mushroom is highly recommended for good health across the world owing to its low calories and presence of rich Vitamin, Minerals, Calcium, Selenium, Copper, Phosphorous and Potassium. People across the world widely consuming mushroom after exposing it to sunlight as then it becomes the highly rich & only whole food vegetable source of vitamin D.


    Swadeshi Retails Pvt. Ltd.



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    Aquaculture Equipment like Animal Fodders, Irrigation Pipes, Poultry Feeder. Food Products like Egg,



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