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A glove is a garment that covers the entire hand. Mittens look very much like gloves but they have only a separate thumb and may cover a portion of the forearm. Gloves have separate finger openings that cover each finger separately in order to preserve your hand and fingers warm. The evolution of warm gloves has been focused mainly on utility and security. Mittens has been concentrated on cold weather protection. Become a franchise of hand gloves, safety gloves, rubber gloves, winter gloves, ladies hand gloves, pvc gloves, long gloves, half gloves, heat resistant gloves and more. Post inquiry.

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  • Products:
    Allopathic, OTC Medicine- Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, Injection, Eye Drop, Hajmola, Inhaler & Surg

    City :Jabalpur
    State :Madhya Pradesh

  • Products:
    Safety Products, Gloves, Aprons, Safety Shoes, Helmet, Masks, Ear Plug, Bullet Proof Jackets  

    Space Required :300 Sq.ft

    City :Bhosari
    State :Maharashtra

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