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Socks are worn for many reasons as they absorb the sweat from our feet, provide them warmth in cold seasons and reduce the stress on them. They keep our feet free of bacteria and fungi and prevents diseases like athlete's foot. For a very long time, stockings have been worn by women in order to give a beautiful look to their legs. Want to become a franchisee of Socks & Stockings, click on “Send Inquiry”.

  • Products:
    Ready Made Garments, Ladies & Gents Pants, Shirts, Jeans, Sarees, Salwar, Suits, T-Shirt, Shirt,

    Space Required : 600 Sq.ft

    City :Panchkula
    State :Haryana

  • Products:
    Educational Products, Educational Bags, School, Bags, School Books, Stationary Products, Books, Regi

    City :Gulbarga
    State :Karnataka

  • Products:
    Mens Accessories, Combo Gift Packs, Cufflinks, Ties, Belts, Wallets, Socks, Key Rings, Apparels, S

    City :New Delhi
    State :Delhi

  • Products:
    cotton socks, colorful socks, football socks, yoga socks, children socks, women socks ,loafer socks,

    Space Required : 15 Sq.ft

    City :Morbi
    State :Gujarat


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