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A lubricant is a type of oil which is basically used to reduce the friction, heat, and wear between mechanical components that are in contact with each other. Lubricants are divided into two sections as internal and external lubricants. Internal lubricants decrease the friction within the molecular chains, whereas external lubricants decrease the adherence between polymer and metal surfaces.  The primary purposes of Lubricating Oil Reduction of friction, Cooling, Cleaning, Corrosion protection, Sealing.That is why it is extensively used for the smooth working of motorized vehicles, where it is known as motor oil and transmission fluid. Get the franchise of Engine Oil, Grease, lubricant, lube, grease, lubricant gel, lubricant oil, industrial lubricants, engine lubricants, liquid lubricants, synthetic oil, car engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, lube oil, bike engine oil, mobil engine oil, 5w40 engine oil, 10w30 engine oil, 15w40 engine oil, 20w50 engine oil, 20w40 engine oil, engine lubricants, liquid lubricants, etc. To be a prominent franchisee of Oil & Lubricants, post an inquiry.

  • Products:
    Passenger Car Tyres, Two Wheeler Tyres, Farm And Agriculture Tyres, Automobile Oil and Lubes, Automo

    Space Required :1500 Sq.ft

    City :New Delhi
    State :Delhi

  • Products:
    Automotive & Industrial lubricants, Greases

    Space Required :300 Sq.ft

    City :Erode
    State :Tamil Nadu

  • Products:
    Automotive Lubricants like Hydraulic Oils, Lubricant Oils.

    Space Required :500 Sq.ft

    City :Hyderabad
    State :Telangana

  • Products:
    Laundry Detergent Liquid, Detergent Liquid, White Oil, Automobile Lubricant, Greases, Soluble Cuttin

    Space Required :200 Sq.ft

    City :Chennai
    State :Tamil Nadu

  • Products:

    Space Required :500 Sq.ft

    City :Aurangabad
    State :Maharashtra

  • Products:
    Oil & Lubricants

    City :Jalandhar
    State :Punjab

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  • Products:
    automobile franchise, franchise, two wheeler franchise, automobile service, four wheel franchise

    Space Required :1000 Sq.ft

    City :Mumbai
    State :Maharashtra

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