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Lamp is a replaceable element that produces light from electricity. It is commonly known as a light bulb. It is a device for producing light, consisting originally of an urn containing a candle soaked in burnable material. A lampshade is a beautiful cover that disperses a lightbulb's illumination.  Lampshades also check a light's glare from momentarily blinding. Becoming a Franchise Opportunity in lampshades, lanterns, table lamps, floor lamps, antique lamps, touch lamp, wall lamp, hanging lamps, decorative lamps, bedside lamps, standing lamps, and more.

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    TCL LED Lighting, LED SMD Street Lights, LED Solar Street Lights, LED Suspended Ceiling Lights, LE

    Space Required : 500 Sq.ft

    City :Faridabad
    State :Haryana

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