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Adhesive Tapes Franchises

  • Products:
    Bopp Tape, Printed Bopp Tape, Plain Bopp Tape, Coloured Bopp Tape,

    Space Required :800 Sq.ft

    City : West Bengal


  • Products:
    Card Box, Playing Clays, Premier Paper Clip, Papers, Note Books, Paper Direction Compass, Digital Me

    Space Required :300 Sq.ft

    City : Tamil Nadu

  • Products:
    Masking Tapes, Self Adhesive Lamination Film, Floor Marking Tapes, Double Side Cloth Tapes, Bopp Pac

    Space Required :500 Sq.ft

    City : Maharashtra

  • Products:
    Pvc insulation tapes, Bopp tapes and Teflon tapes and all types of special tapes

    Space Required :200 Sq.ft

    City : Andhra Pradesh

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