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121 Egreetings

Industry Category : Business Services

City : Ahmedabad

121 Egreetings Business Profile
121 eGreetings are Ahmedabad based business organization established in 2008. We are a prominent service provider of online promotion through various social networking sites like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, linkedin, google+, youtube, slideshare. 121eGreetings provides social media promotion activity on yearly basis with fresh, tailor made designs, rich graphics & animation to express feelings to your business vendors, customers, friends & family. We are looking to appoint sales agents to promote our online gateway. We are looking sales agent all over India as well some parts of the world.

Sales Agent Criteria:
Educational Qualification: Not Required
Target Customers: Manufacturing Industries, Service Industries
Expected Work: Target Basis
Seeking Sales Agent: Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Rajkot, Baroda, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, Anand, Surat

Product Offered:
We are offering sales agent opportunity in online promotion.
121 Egreetings Products for Distribution

Social Media Promotions, Facebook Promotions, LinkedIn Promotions, WhatsApp Promotions, eGreetings, Youtube Promotions, Slideshare Promotions.

Target Customers of 121 Egreetings

All Manufacturing Industries Service Providers like Doctor Advocates Agents etc Real Estate Companies and all owners who want their business on social media.

Expected Work by 121 Egreetings

Target Basis

Targeted Cities by 121 Egreetings
Ahmedabad Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Pune Chennai Rajkot Baroda Hyderabad Gandhinagar Anand Surat.
121 Egreetings Industry Category

Business Services

Targeted Location for Sales Agents
Delhi, Haryana
Gujarat, Maharashtra
Madhya Pradesh
World Wide
Southern Africa, Western Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Australia/New Zealand, South America, North America
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