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Gingko Could be beneficial for: Dementi, Alzheimer’s disease, eye healht, Inflammation, Diabetes, Bone healing, Anxiety, Depression.

Turmeric could be beneficial for: pain caused by inflammatory diseases; preventing cancer; stopping DNA mutations; and several skin diseases.


Evening primrose oil could be beneficial for: mild skin conditions, breast pain, menopause, inflammation, diabetic neuropathy, and blood pressure.

Evening Primrose Oil

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 Flax Seed Could be beneficial for: Decrease obesity, regulating blood pressure, Preventing colon cancer, Hot flashes.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Could be beneficial for: Acne, athlete’s foot, cuts, dandruff, insect bites.


Echinacea Could be beneficial for: Cold, Immunity, bronchitis, upper respiratory infection.

Grapeseed Extract

Grapeseed extract could be beneficial for: cancer, lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol, leg vein circulation, edema, and blood pressure.


Lavender could be beneficial for anxiety, mental or physical stress, blood pressure, migraines, and stomach pain relief.


Chamomile could be beneficial for anxiety, mental or physical stress, insomnia, and cancer.

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