Most Popular Traditional Beverages  for Special Occasions

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A cold beverage made of milk, nuts, and spices which is usually consumed during the celebration of festivals like Holi.

A rich and fragrant beverage prepared with saffron-based milk, vermicelli, and sweet toppings that would be ideal for treating yourself to special occasions.

Saffron Falooda

The Indian drink, infused with cannabis, is a traditional one, popular during the Holi festival for its strong buzz.



A refreshing yogurt-based drink that you can enjoy during those hot days or along with spicy food.

Kesar Dhoodh

A healthy and comforting saffron-infused milk drink that is traditionally consumed during winter months or on festive occasions.

Aam Panna

Traditional Indian summer drink made from raw mangoes is tangy and refreshing, giving an instant burst of flavor and hydration.

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