Top 6 Commonly Used Pesticides 

By: Getdistributors


Nematocides control and kill nematodes, which are microscopic worms that create holes in the roots of plants and, therefore, reduce crop yields.

Insecticides are chemical agents that are designed to control and kill insect pests that in turn protect crops, livestock, and human health.


Rodenticides are chemical compounds designed to control and eradicate rodents. These are powerful weapons against insects that may cause crop and infrastructure damage as well as public health threats.



Herbicides are chemicals that are specifically designed to destroy weeds and unwanted plants, which in turn, reduces competition with crops and yields better crop production.


Bactericides are chemical agents that are used as a weapon against bacterial infections, and they are very useful in agriculture, medicine, and  hygiene maintenance.


The fungicides are used to fight against the fungal diseases that affect the plants. These are some of the most powerful tools in preventing any diseases that may hinder growth, yield, and even the health of plants.

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