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What is the Scope of PCD Pharma Distribution Business in India?

The pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly across the globe and so is the pharmaceutical distribution business. It involves the purchase of medicines from a reputed manufacturer or a big supplier, storing them in the warehouse safely, and then distributing them to various pharmacies and drug stores as per the requirements.

What is the Scope of PCD Pharma Distribution Business in India

PCD Pharma Distribution Business is gradually becoming a lucrative business option in our country. PCD stands for Propaganda cum Distribution. It is a monopoly right given to people and business organizations by a pharmaceutical company to increase sales of the products in a targeted area.
There are several factors to consider before joining the PCD Pharma Distribution business. To face the challenges and tackle the competition, one must follow the guidelines mentioned below:
  • Create a proper business plan
  • Chalk out a clear outline of your financial status, financial resources, and marketing strategies
  • Consider the legalities
  • Concentrate on the number of employees required
  • Consider the apt location to start your business
  • Set up an online website
  • Fix the target market
  • Get required drug license, insurance policies, and legal permits to start the business
  • Focus on good advertising and marketing through popular social media platforms
  • Calculate the gross margin of your business

Let us now understand the scope of this business in our country:

1. The scope of this business module is quite great in India. In 2017, our country was the number one provider of generic medicines, worldwide. PCD pharma distribution aided people to gain access to these medicines on time, thus saving lives. This shows the need and popularity of the PCD pharma distribution business.

2. Currently, India holds a prominent position in the world pharmaceutical industry. In our country pharmaceutical supplies and products are formulated as per WHO/ISO, and GMP guidelines. In 2020, the Indian pharma industry will see a meteoric growth rate due to the consistent development in medical technology and health insurance coverage.

3. Moreover, several SMEs have shown interest in this business model due to the following reasons:

  • Monopoly rights for selling of pharmaceutical products in the chosen area
  • It involves the lowest amount of risk with more returns
  • Consistent support from flourished pharma parent company
  • Independence in taking almost every business decision
  • Less investment is required to gain legal rights
  • A chance to do business in the evergrowing pharmaceutical sector
  • Better growth rate and fast networking results
  • No pressure in achieving monthly sales objective
All of this shows that the PCD pharma distribution business will thrive in India in the years to come. The demand for medicines will never waiver and many pharmaceutical companies will need more and more PCD Pharma Distributors to grow and expand. If you are interested to invest in this segment, now is the right time.For more information on how to become a PCD Pharma Distributor, 

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