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How to Take Dealership of Kohler India ?

If you are thinking of venturing into business ownership by taking a dealership of Kohler India, then let us tell you a few things about how you can do it. It is always a wise decision to start with the first step and you have chosen the right path. Kohler which is a very popular brand worldwide for its high-quality kitchen and bathroom products, gives the chance to people who would like to start a business in the retail sector. This blog will provide you with the basic information on how to take the Kohler India dealership easily.

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Understanding Kohler India:

Kohler, a well-known brand in the luxury fixtures for kitchen and bathrooms market, has been providing innovation, style, and quality to homes and commercial spaces across the world. In India, Kohler is well known for being the best in the business, offering a range of products and services that can satisfy all kinds of Indian customers.

Why Choose Kohler India Dealership:

Reputation and Brand Recognition: Kohler’s reputation for being number one is well-known. As a dealer, you will be proud to be associated with a global brand name that is known for its superior quality and innovative designs.

Diverse Product Portfolio: The Kohler brand includes faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and many more products. A portfolio like this that is diversified is the core of serving the different tastes, wants, and needs of different customers.

Marketing and Support: Kohler provides dealers with substantial marketing support and training programs which enable them to communicate the benefits of the Kohler products effectively and to increase sales.

Quality Assurance: Kohler products represent the very embodiment of quality and reliability. As a dealer, you can be sure that you are providing your customers with the best products available and therefore you may be regarded as a trusted and loyal dealer.

Steps to Take Dealership of Kohler India:


Research and Planning:

  1. Get familiar with Kohler’s products, target market, and philosophy of the brand
  2. The first step is to identify and evaluate the market demand and competition in your locality.
  3. Develop a business plan which will incorporate your objectives, budget, and marketing plans.

Contact Kohler India:

  1. Get in touch with Kohler India either through their website or by calling their sales department.
  2. Tell the agent that your goal is to be a dealer and ask her about the requirements and the process.
Meeting and Agreement:
  1. Schedule a meeting with Kohler representatives to finalise terms and conditions of the dealership.
  2. Make sure you have read the dealership agreement carefully to understand the details, such as the conditions of pricing, support, and other important aspects.

Location and Setup:

  1. Choose a suitable place for your showroom which is easily visible to avoid a difficult access.
  2. Once you have established your shop, make sure that you have an eye-catching display and product arrangement.

Training and Certification:

  1. Take part in Kohler’s training programs that will help you learn the product details, sales techniques, and brand standards.
  2. Ensure Kohler has the necessary certifications, so that they follow their standards.Create your own journey.
Marketing and Promotion:
  1. Develop a marketing plan that aims to reach the local community and draw people to your dealership.
  2. Utilize Kohler’s marketing resources like advertising resources and digital assets to accomplish this.
  3. Establish a robust online presence via social media, website and online directories.

Customer Service and Support:

  1. Ensure that the quality of service delivery and customer relationship development are key strategies to ensure repeat purchases.
  2. Provide after-sales services that include installation assistance and warranty services so that customers may be happy.

Verified Distributors


Dealership in Kohler India is a very eye-catching business opportunity for an entrepreneur who is interested in getting into the home improvement industry. With this, you will be able to sell the best quality products, get marketing support, and training resources which will definitely make your business grow quickly. By making a careful planning, working hard, and keeping customer satisfaction to the front, one can build a successful Kohler dealership and be an authority in the competitive market.



What are the criteria of eligibility to become a Kohler dealership in India?


To be a Kohler dealer, you need to be a retailer and have a shop located in a prime place with a minimum area as specified by Kohler. Furthermore, a relevant background in retail, a healthy financial situation, and a dedication to Kohler’s brand values are also required.

What are the requirements for a Kohler dealership application?


For dealership applications, you can contact the sales department through Kohler India’s official website or email or call them directly. Tell the dealership that you would like to apply and ask for an application form.

What does Kohler do for its dealerships to ensure their success?

Kohler supports its dealers with all-inclusive programs that include marketing assistance, training programs, product displays, and promotional materials. Moreover, they provide continuous help in areas such as product knowledge, sales techniques, and business development strategies.

Is there a need for a financial investment to be a Kohler dealer?


You should expect to invest in Kohler dealership, for instance, the initial setup costs for creating a showroom, inventory investment, and ongoing operational expenses. The actual amount of investment may change by variables like location, showroom size, and stock selection.

What is the process that applicants for a dealership have to go through?


The dealership application process normally consists of several steps, which are the first expression of interest and inquiry, then submission of documents and information, then review and evaluation by the Kohler’s team, then negotiation of dealership terms and conditions, signing of the dealership agreement, showroom setup, training, and finally, commencement of operations as an authorized Kohler dealership. The particular steps may be different due to the circumstances of a person and the requirements of Kohler at the moment of application.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for general purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. The author and publisher do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content. Business decisions should be made after thorough research and consultation with professionals. The mention of specific companies or products does not imply endorsement. Financial estimates are based on available data and may change. The author and publisher are not liable for any actions taken based on the content. Readers are advised to independently verify information before making business or financial decisions.

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