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How to Get Dealership of Yulu Bikes

In the past few years, micro-mobility options including bike-sharing schemes, which are both sustainable and convenient, have become a preferred choice of transport for many people. Yulu Bikes, a well-known name in this category, is a pioneer in sustainable and affordable bike-sharing services in many cities. Are you excited to join the Yulu Bikes retailers and help build a better tomorrow for urban transportation? So you are on the right path! In this guide, we will step-by-step take you through the whole process.

How to Get Dealership of Yulu Bikes

Understanding Yulu Bikes and Setting up a Dealership Venture

Before starting the dealership process with Yulu Bikes, you must understand what the company is and how it works. Yulu Bikes is here to solve the first and last-mile connectivity issues with the help of shared bicycles and e-bikes for short commutes. They give priority to the user-friendly technology with the Yulu app that helps to identify the bike, unlock it, and ride it.

Research and Preparation:

First, figure out the Yulu Bikes’ dealership requirements and policies. This can be achieved by logging onto their official website or by getting in touch with their business development team. Identifying these preliminary steps is of the essence for the successful application process.

Assessing Your Eligibility:

Yulu Bikes generally requires people or business owners with a good knowledge of environmental problems, an in-depth understanding of their target market, and a well-organized operation. Scrutinize yourself about the availability of the required resources, skills, and passion to fulfill this level of norms.

Contacting Yulu Bikes:

Confirm your eligibility and readiness and then contact Yulu Bikes to declare your interest in becoming a dealer. This can be achieved by the website inquiry form on the dealership or by contacting their business development team directly.

Application Process for Yulu Bikes Dealership:

Your application for the Yulu Bikes dealership will be subjected to evaluation based on factors like location, demand, and your ability to match up with their criteria. Be ready to give detailed information on the location of your proposed dealership, the business plan, and financial projections.

Meeting Requirements:

Once your application has been approved, you will be required to carry out certain agreed-upon tasks with Yulu Bikes. Amongst others, this may include getting permits and licenses, determining the best sites for bike parking and maintenance, and following safety regulations.

Training and Support:

Yulu Bikes is dedicated to offering a full package of training and ongoing support to its retailers. This includes the teaching of bike maintenance, customer service, and the use of the Yulu mobile app. Utilize these tools to make the transition from the classroom environment to the real world of automotive dealerships as smooth as possible.

Launching Your Dealership:

Finally, it is time to open your Yulu Bikes dealership and you are ready to go. Make use of local marketing channels like social media, community events, and collaborations to promote your services and raise awareness among the public on the benefits of bike-sharing.

Managing Operations:

The Yulu Bikes dealership works only with those who are ready to give all their attention and effort to their job. Take care of the bikes, deliver excellent customer service, and manage the inventory and finances well to make sure the business is profitable.

Building Community Relationships:

Build partnerships with schools, offices, and residential communities so that bike sharing can be promoted as a convenient and green transportation alternative. Organize community events that will make biking more popular and provide a sense of community.

Adapting to Challenges:

Anticipate and be ready to deal with the problems like bike theft, vandalism, and regulatory obstacles that accompany the micro-mobility industry. Keep the ability to think on your feet and solve problems to overcome difficulties and achieve success in the fast-paced business world.

Post Your Requirment(1)


To be a Yulu Bikes dealer is a great chance to be part of the solution of sustainable transportation and to address environmental problems in your region. Through the implementation of the outlined strategies and a commitment to quality, you can run a dealership that not only serves the interests of Yulu Bikes but also that of your customers. Let’s take a ride towards a greener tomorrow with Yulu bikes!


1. What is the prerequisite for being a Yulu Bikes dealer?

To be a Yulu Bikes dealer, you have to show a strong commitment to sustainability, run the business with minimum resources, and meet Yulu’s needs for location and market. On a different note, you will have to figure out the permits and licenses, pick a proper place for bike parking and maintenance, and you certainly will have to be aware of the safety standards.

2. How the Yulu Bikes dealership application process is done?

Being a Yulu Bikes dealer is possible in two ways: making an online application via the company’s website or communicating with the business development team one-on-one. Make sure that you fill out the dealership inquiry form with all the details on the proposed location, business plan, and financial projections.

3. What is the training and support Yulu Bikes offer to dealers?

The Yulu Bikes program is an all-inclusive one that teaches dealers the ropes and provides continuous support to help them get started and run their businesses the right way. For example, it could include providing training on bike repair, customer service, and the Yulu app. The dealers should be aware that they will always have the management as a backup to help them out of any operational problems.

4. How would I go about advertising for my Yulu Bikes store?

The marketing of your Yulu Bike dealership should be focused on the locality and should involve the use of social media, events in the community, and partnerships with local businesses. Develop awareness among a community of bike-sharing’s benefits and encourage them to use sustainable modes of transport. Frequenting schools, offices, and residential areas is also a great way to increase the rate of trips.

5. What kind of challenges should I anticipate after I start my Yulu Bikes dealership?

The dealership of Yulu Bikes may have challenges like bike theft, bike vandalism, and changes in regulations. It is important to stay flexible, proactive, and adaptable as we deal with these problems. Proper security measures, community rapport, and keeping up to date with local regulations are key in preventing and solving problems that may arise at your dealership.

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