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Hari Yantra Udhyog

Industry Category : Electronics & Electrical Supplies, Industrial Supplies

City : Ahmedabad

Hari Yantra Udhyog Business Profile

Hari Yantra Udhyog was established in 2001 at Ahmedabad. We are manufacturer of PVC pipe cutting machine, single chamber extra cooling spray tank, HDPE pipe cutter, haul off cutter and vacuum tank. We are looking for sales agent for their products in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra. We are manufacturing theirs products by keeping the customer requirement and satisfaction in mind. We are selling our products in normal and suitable range.

Products interested to appoint sales agent:
- Electrical Engineering Products

Hari Yantra Udhyog Products for Distribution

Electrical Engineering Products like PVC Pipe Cutting Machine, Single Chamber Extra Cooling Spray Tank, HDPE Pipe Cutter, Haul Off Cutter, Vacuum Pumps.

Target Customers of Hari Yantra Udhyog

Dealers Direct Customer

Expected Work by Hari Yantra Udhyog

Commission Basis

Targeted Cities by Hari Yantra Udhyog
Gujarat Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra
Hari Yantra Udhyog Industry Category

Electronics & Electrical Supplies Industrial Supplies

Targeted Location for Sales Agents
Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan
Madhya Pradesh
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