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Kalady Rice Millers Consortium (P) Ltd

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  • City:Ernakulam
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Kalady rice millers Consortium is the biggest rice producing cluster in kerala. The pure water available from river periyar is one of the main reason for the development of the rice mill in kalady. While par boiling the paddy the quality and purity of water used for boiling plays an important role in determining the taste and appearence of rice. In Kalady lot of small conventional rice mills are functioning from 1940 onwards. During the 1990's these conventional units underwent modernization and now this cluster have a total production capacity of 6 lakhs M.T rice per year.This projected demand can only be met by maintaining steady increase in production over the years, in the post - WTO era, adequate rice was produced not only for the self sufficiency but also for export purpose. The exportable surplus of good quality rice wa to be produced at the competitive price.This increase in production has necessarily to come from increased productivity under depleting and diminishing resources, dereasing total factor productivity and has to meet the demands of sustainability and preservation of environmental quality.Rice research has to be geared up to surmount the technological challenges in breaking the genetic yield barriers, improving input use efficiency and developing environmentally acceptable strategies for alleviating losses due to pests and diseases. Rice farming needs to be made remunerative for the farmers and at the same time the produce should remain competitively priced in global market. Quality improvement to meet the international standards is another requirement.The company have been doing same kind of profession from last 18 years.1995
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