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Ossland Beverages Pvt.Ltd.

Industry Category : Construction & Real Estate

City : Howrah

Ossland Beverages Pvt.Ltd. Business Profile
Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturer looking for Sales Agents

Adi N Company is a manufacturer and supplier of various types of high-grade fly-ash bricks and paver blocks. We are based in Howrah, kolkata  in West Bengal, India and work under the brand name, ADI.

What are our products?
Some of our state-of-the-art products are:
- Fly Ash Bricks: Building, Cement, Construction, Industrial, Customized, Rectangular, Eco-friendly, etc.
- Paver Blocks: Industrial, Custom, Colored, Concrete, RCC, Cement, etc.

We produce construction bricks in a variety of sizes. Our top-class research in this field enables us to produce high grade materials that are used for a variety of civil purposes: road Constructions, building embankments, grouting, building homes, filling up of low-lying areas and the like.

How we are planning our business growth?

We want to expand our business and are searching Sales Agents for bricks and paver blocks in and around areas of Howrah, Kolkata, Kharagpur, South 24 Parganas, Medinipur, Hugli, North 24 Parganas, Haldia.

What are our needs from prospective Sales Agents?
We are finding Sales representatives who can work with us on a commission that will be paid on a daily basis. They are required to take daily orders and submit information to us on a regular basis.

Who are our target customers?
We are specifically targeting:
- Construction companies
- Real estate markets
- Government or private suppliers
- Project consultancies
- Local promoters

Why choose us?
- We will provide a commission of 10% on each product sold
- We have years of knowledge necessary for growth
- We believe in ethical trade practices
- Our professional approach makes it easier to work with us
- We work in a time bound manner

What are the USPs of our products?
Following are some remarkable features of our products:
- Replacement warranty within 15 days of purchase
- High grade materials
- 40% cost advantage over clay bricks
- Lesser plastic thickness leading to lesser plastering cost
- Durable due to lower water absorption, better resistance to water seepage, etc.
- Sturdy with extensive weight bearing capacity
- Decent appearance with smooth surfaces & dimensional accuracy
- Eco-friendly
- On-time delivery

To join as a sales agent:

Contact no.: +91-11-46710506
Email id:
Ossland Beverages Pvt.Ltd. Products for Distribution

Bricks, Fly Ash Bricks, Cement Bricks, Cement Fly Ash Bricks, Industrial Cement Fly Ash Bricks, Industrial Ash Bricks, Paver Block, Industrial Paver Block, Concrete Paver Block, RCC Paver Blocks, Cement Paver Blocks, Tiles.

Target Customers of Ossland Beverages Pvt.Ltd.

Real Estate & Construction Company Corporate & Government Supplier Local Promoter Home & Project Consultancy

Expected Work by Ossland Beverages Pvt.Ltd.

Regular Work Commission Basis, I Expected In Daily Base Order & Sell Information Submit At My Company

Targeted Cities by Ossland Beverages Pvt.Ltd.
Kolkata Howrah Hooghly Medinipur Haldia Kharagpur North 24 Pargana South 24 Parganas.
Ossland Beverages Pvt.Ltd. Industry Category

Construction & Real Estate

Targeted Location for Sales Agents
West Bengal
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