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Sri Krishna Udyog

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Business Details
"Shriram Creation" is a Vile Parle East, Mumbai based emerging & fastest growing organization.The burning of incense is as old as India itself. From times immemorial, exotic aromas and scents have been a part of the Indian way of life, whether it is a religious offering or an aid to meditation.The soothing fragrance of agarbatti creates a mood of serenity, bringing tranquility and concentration of mind. These incense sticks are ideal during pooja, prayers, spiritual sessions, meditation, yoga and music. Agarbatties are also used in everyday life as air fresheners and to enliven the surroundings.There are 16 different modes of spiritual and devotional offerings made on special occasions, which are described in the Agama Shastra. Agarbatties have become a custom which is being passed on from generation to generation.Agarbatties are the most convenient form of spreading perfume and fragrance. They are quite a safe method. The incense sticks and wide variety of fragrances from Shree Krishna Udyog contain special formulas to bring joy and heart filled with contentment in life.We introduce ourselves as a company that manufactures and markets MIRACLE PLASTIC PERFUMES, which is the first of its kind in India. Ideally used for soft kinds of plastic material and it provides a great,long lasting fragrance to your plastic products.Most plastic products have a neutral smell and in some case even emanates bad odour (as in case of recycled plastic materials). Today in the market there are too many plastic products of the same kind, of the same variety and is very closely price competitive. Every manufacturer is seeking an alternative method to add other some value in his product, by way of design or any other possible alternative. Yet, it has been a stupendous task. Unfortunately with a few cosmetic changes here and there, the manufacturers have come out with products that are cheap, inferior and above all, not providing any conclusive benefit to the customer.We are providing you an opportunity to add a 4th dimension to all your plastic products. MIRACLE PLASTIC PERFUMES adds a distinct value to all your plastic products. Infact, most plastic products, today do not claim unique selling advantage because of the intrinsic features being almost similar and limited to looks, colour and such attributes. You will not only like the plastic smell but also feel that getting this plastic perfume is high - tech area.Now you can add fragranes to your plastic products, using very simple method. A good case for change, when you want to make lasting IMPRESSIONS on your customers.A NEW VALUE ADDITION TO ALL YOUR PLASTIC PRODUCT Our company with rigorous R&D (since 1987) and grass root level close contacts with the customers, have pioneered for the first time a perfume, that can actually be used to manufacture perfumed plastic products, and that the perfume becomes an intrinsic raw material of plastic.MIRACLE PLASTIC PERFUMES - A COST EFFECTIVE AND VALUE ADDITIVE:MIRACLE PLASTIC PERFUMES though they add a small percentage to your inventory, yet the product that turns out is not only different but also proves to be one of its kind In short, as the marketing jargon goes, its an USP to all your products, especially when there is no one to come out with similar products.The company have been doing same kind of business from last 22 years.
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