6 Beautiful Hanging Plants For Outdoor Baskets

By: Getdistributors

Ivy Geranium

 Ivy geraniums have leaves that resemble ivy and bear clusters of flowers in red, pink or white. They are valued for their cascading habit which makes them ideal for spilling over the edges of pots or a wall.

 Bacopa plants have small white or blue flowers and are often used in containers and hanging baskets due to their trailing habit and water tolerance.



 Fuchsias are beautiful flowers with rather drooping petals in different shades of pink, purple, and red. They are preferred due to their shape and beauty to attract hummingbirds.


 Verbena plants are known to be butterfly magnets. They are well known for their long flowering periods and their capacity to grow in areas with full sun exposure. 


 Lobelia flowers are small, commonly blue or purple, and are commonly used as border plants because of their cascading growth and small, pretty flowers.


 Petunias are bright, trumpet-shaped flowers that are commonly grown in gardens and hanging baskets, which bloom during the summer.

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