7 Onion Juice Benefits for Hair

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Promotes Hair Growth

 Onion juice is known to activate the hair follicles and thus helps in hair regrowth and also helps in preventing hair loss.

Antibacterial Properties

 It has anti-bacterial qualities that assist in combating scalp infections and dandruff.

 Onion juice has sulfur that helps in making hair strands strong and also helps in preventing hair breakage.

Strengthens Hair

Improves Scalp Circulation

 It enhances the flow of blood to the head, thus providing hair follicles with nutrients that are required for their proper functioning.

Adds Shine

 Onion juice can be used on a regular basis to enhance the quality of hair and give it a natural shine.

Balances Scalp pH

 It assists in regulating the pH of the scalp thus promoting a healthy environment for hair growth.

Natural Conditioner

 Onion juice is also a natural conditioner that helps to make hair smooth and easy to manage.

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