8 Tips For Pre-holi Skin & Hair Preparations 2024

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Drink numerous water to hold your pores and skin and hair hydrated, forestalling dryness added approximately by means of Holi tones.

Practise a rich cream for your skin and hair previous to gambling Holi to make a challenge in opposition to brutal sorts.


Return rub coconut or olive oil into your scalp and hair to safeguard them from range harm and make it less complicated to clean off later.

Oil Massage


Observe an expansive variety of sunscreen to guard your pores and skin from harmful UV beams, mainly inside the event that you're gambling Holi outdoors.

Nail Safety

Apply a layer of dim nail clean to guard your nails from getting stained via Holi tones.

Cover Up Self

Wear complete-sleeved clothes and a headscarf to restrict pores and skin openness to colours, diminishing the gamble of bothering.

Avoid Makeup

Avoid weighty cosmetics objects to stop stopping up pores or responses with the sorts.

Post-Holi Care

Next to gambling Holi, utilise a gentle cleaning agent to remove colours tenderly and circle back to a profound moulding remedy in your hair.

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