Soil Conditioning Methods for Better Plant Growth

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Soil Testing & Adjusting pH

Doing soil testing on a regular basis identifies pH and nutrient deficiencies. Correcting pH levels by applying lime in acidic soils and sulfur in alkaline soils is a way of enhancing nutrient availability in plants.

Crop rotation is a technique of preserving soil health by providing crops with different nutrients and breaking the pest and disease cycles.

Crop Rotation

Applying mulch on the top of the soil surface is one of the most efficient ways of conserving moisture, reducing weeds, and regulating soil temperature.



Composting is a process of decomposing organic materials, which in turn increases the level of nutrients in the soil and improves its structure.

Cover Cropping

The incorporation of cover crops during the off-season helps to improve soil structure, prevents erosion, and suppresses weeds.

Adding  Organic Material

Incorporation of organics like compost, manure, or composted bio solids which are full of nutrients, into the soil will help in the improvement of the soil structure and enhance the microbial activity.

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