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Eminent Health Products Manufacturer Eyes on Business Expansion

If you want to start a business in Health Products industry, Eco Health Works could be a good answer. They are dealing in fruit & vegetable wash and dust controlling spray and have the desire to reach the market widely. The organization is extending its arms via distribution route.

Mr. Sameer Wadhwa, CEO, Eco Health Works open up about its venture with in an interview.

What is the concept behind your innovative products?

Just simple rinsing hands with water doesn’t remove dust, grime and pathogen completely and we have to wash it with soap. In the similar way, you need vegetable and fruit wash to make it germ free and ready-to-consume.

Our product Eco veg & fruit wash contains extract of pudina, tulsi, patent pending biosurfuctants and other ingredients which helps to remove pathogen and pesticides and Checkmite is a room freshener meant for asthma and allergy patients.


Define your uniqueness

  • Eco Health Works is a Biotech company inside Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation (VMSRF), Bangalore.
  • VMSRF has been existing for 30 years and has 40 patents to its credit. Eco Works is mandated to commercialize these patents.
  • Our core strength is our ability to understand the plants and control micro-organisms. All our products are based on these capabilities.
  • We have access to  Govt. of India, Department of Biotechnology approved lab. We have capability to understand plants and control micro-organisms. All our products are based on the above capabilities.

Our unique products defines our uniqueness:

Eco Veg Wash Concentrate

  • One stop solution to remove pesticides, pathogen, dirt and grime
  • It’s a Concentrate with dosage of 1 ml in 1 liter. 30 times stronger than others in market.
  • Most economical product in the market which costs just Rs 1 per meal
  • Only product in market made by a Biotech Company based inside a Govt. of India approved Biotech lab with 30 years of experience. Experienced and reliable.
  • Internationally Approved product; validated by Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA’s famous Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences. Proven safety and efficacy.


  • It is a world-wide patented, natural, extremely safe, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic aerosol spray
  • Highly effective in controlling dust mites which cause allergy to asthma patients.
  • Patented
  • It is a Monopoly product

So what is your strategy for future?

Our vision is to develop NICE products – Natural, Innovative, Competitively priced and Effective. We are developing more products like alcohol free sanitizer, kitchen surface cleaner (natural) etc.

Brief about the distributorship opportunity

We need a minimum 10 distributors from top 10 cities of the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat and Jaipur.

How much sale you are expecting from the distributor?

INR 25 lacs


 Area                          100 sq. ft.

Investment           Min. INR 1 lac

Margin                    10 % on Sale price

Expecting Sale    INR 25 lacs



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