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Gaining via Gadgets

date img July 29, 2014 | Interviewer: Shaifali Dua

Logical Learning India Pvt Ltd is running with the NXI brand name, a pioneer in developing educational software in English as a language to improve the understanding for new learners. In an interview, Kaushik Mitra, Manager, Logical Learning India Pvt Ltd shares the origin, growth and future plans of his company.

Logical Learning India Pvt Ltd

Would you please shed some light on the origin, growth and success of Logical Learning India Pvt Ltd?

Telecom business has been witnessing consistent growth over the last few years and is expected to grow even more in the upcoming time. We serve domestic as well as internationally. We foresee a robust growth for digital products like educational PC, tablet, PC, smart phones & notebooks that will help our brand to touch heights of success in the coming 3-5 years. We are working hard to make this company count as one of the best in the industry with equal strength in both hardware & software. We were awarded as the emerging electronics company in 2013 by brand academy, India & international body Geneva for quality process.

What kind of products Logical Learning India Pvt Ltd offers?

We believe in superiority through product innovation, quality, customer & manufacturing support.
The product range we cater is smart phones, laptops, tablet, notebook. We know what features and specifications today’s customer is looking for. Our products are famous for High Battery, Fast Processor, Calling Function, Latest OS, IPS HD Quality Screen , Qualcomm Processor, Super Speed Internet, Edu Tab loaded with education software and so on. Our products are CE, FCC, UL certified. We value for money and that’s why we bring the most innovative array of products in such a price range that suits every pocket.

What is your expansion plan?

We are aiming to appoint at least 8 distributors in every state across India and that’s why looking for dedicated partners who can give their hand in our business expansion plan.

Where do you want to seek distributors from?
Initially, we are focusing in Delhi NCR , Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, MP, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Maharashtra.

How much investment and space do you require to invest from the distributor ?

We have two layers of distribution – Super Stockist & Regional Distributors

Super stockists must be able to invest Rs. 15 lacs for mobile accessories & Rs. 30 lacs for smart phones or tablets as a start while distributors can start with Rs. 6 lacs for mobile accessories, Rs. 10 lacs for smart phones or tablets. Super stockist must have 500 sq ft while distributors should have about 100 sq ft to start.

What is the annual sale you’re expecting from the distributors ?

Depending on the area of distribution, we expect 1 – 3 crore per distributor.

What benefits you are offering to your distributor?

  • Best margins in the trade ( for distributors – 10% mobile accessories, 2% for flash & modem, 4% for tablet & notebook and 5% for smart phones).
  • Additional dealer scheme & distributor bulk purchasing scheme like foreign trips.
  • Marketing support which includes local pos merchandise & newspaper advertisement for billing of 10 lakh or more.
  • Also we will offer support for expanding network either through manpower or online inquiries.

Do you want experienced distributors?

Well it would be an added benefit if we get experienced but new partners can also contact us.

What are your plans to survive in such a tough market?
Competition is increasing. We have planned to keep quality as the benchmark to not only survive but also beat competition. We are into agreements with large companies for volume trade and also we are focusing on e-commerce along with online web portal visibility for the brand. Apart from that, we recruit the best in industry manpower for effective distribution and putting our focus on SME for both hardware & software solutions.

Any advice for the young entrepreneurs?
I just want to say that nothing is impossible and entrepreneurs need to work hard in order to achieve success.

What is the criteria an aspiring distributor need to follow?

  • Required investment and space
  • Strong communication skills
  • Zeal to expand the business
  • Ability to carry 15 days inventory for effective distribution
  • Popularity among retailers for better grip
  • Basic graduation is must & post-graduate is more preferable

Distribution Facts:

Name Logical Learning India Pvt Ltd
Brand NXI
Establishment Year 2010
Products Offering Smartphones, Tablets, Educational PC, Mobile Accessories, Internet Modem, Laptops and Netbook
Investment Distributors: INR 15 Lacs
Stockists: INR 30 Lacs

About: Logical Learning Company Pvt Ltd started its business journey from Australia & expanded its operations in India, South Asia, and China. The organization believes in superiority through product innovation, quality, customer & manufacturing support. With brand NXI, we are engaged in providing flawless solutions to various industries globally.

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