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How to Take a Jockey Franchise in India

Brands in India are seeing an increased demand for international brands, and Jockey, a well-known name in the bodywear and activewear world is on the rise If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a keen interest in fashion and apparel, Taking over a jockey franchise in India can be an interesting venture. In this blog, we will inform you about the process associated with becoming the proud owner of a jockey shop in the country.

How to Apply for a Jockey Franchise

Before embarking on your franchising journey, conduct a thorough analysis of Jockey’s franchise model, target audience, and market demand for your chosen location Feasibility studies will help you assess your power

Meet the Requirements 

Like other iconic brands, Jockey has the right qualifications for potential franchisees. Be sure to meet these requirements, which can include financial stability, previous retail experience, and a commitment to upholding the brand’s values and standards

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Make sure you comply with all legal and regulatory requirements to start a franchise business in India. This includes obtaining the necessary permits and licenses from local authorities.

Reach Out to Jockey India

Contact Jockey India’s franchise development team and express your interest in becoming a franchisee. Contact details can be found on the official website of Jockey India or through their company office. Prepare a detailed business proposal that focuses on your background, experience, and proposed franchise location.

Financial Commitment

Once your application has been approved, you must deposit money. This usually requires an upfront franchise fee, allowing you to operate under the jockey brand. In addition, your store may continue to receive commissions based on sales.

Location Selection

Identify potential locations for your franchise. Choosing a high-traffic location with a mix of residential and commercial areas is important to maximize foot traffic and sales.

Grand Opening and Marketing

Once your jockey franchise is established, the brand will help build buzz around the grand opening.  Leveraging the power of the Jockey name, you can engage in local marketing efforts to attract customers and establish a strong presence in the community.

Why to Choose Jockey as a Franchise 

Diverse Range of Products

Jockey provides a wide and complete range of products such as briefs, workwear, pajamas, and more. The brand caters to both men, women, and children, which means that a large crowd will be attracted. Through diversification, franchises can reach different market segments and adjust to the changing tastes of customers.


Excellence and Innovation

Jockey is a brand associated with excellence and innovation. Consumers equate the brand name with comfort, durability, and elegant design. As a franchisee, you will have continuous access to the latest Jockey products, which will ensure your store stays ahead of the trend and meets customers’ changing demands.

Support in Marketing and Advertising

Jockey India offers franchisees good marketing and promotional assistance. These campaigns are national and regional in scope and aim to create maximum brand visibility. The marketing team uses digital channels to create promotions, hold events, and drive the walk-ins in your store.

Ongoing Training and Support

Jockey is dedicated to the prosperity of its franchisees, providing them with comprehensive training programs covering both ownership and operations. Training covers a range of product knowledge, sales techniques, and customer service standards, which equips your team to provide an outstanding customer experience. Furthermore, assistance is also provided to respond to any issues or questions that may occur.

Exclusive Product Offerings

Jockey’s wide range of products, including underwear, activewear, and leisurewear, ensures appeal to a wide range of customers. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation sets its products apart in the marketplace.


Taking over a jockey franchise in India requires careful planning, dedication, and commitment to maintain brand integrity. With the right strategy and passion for delivering quality products and services, entrepreneurs can leverage Jockey’s strong market position to build a growing business in the dynamic Indian retail market.


What is the price of establishing a Jockey franchise in India?

The cost of establishing a jockey franchise depends on several factors which include location, size, and some other franchise requirements. On the other hand, the initial investment is franchise fees, store set-up costs, and working capital.

How many days after the application is approved do we have to open a Jockey franchise?

The timeframe for opening the jockey franchise after approval usually ranges from three months to a year. The location, the architectural negotiations, and the construction are the factors that cause change. Good collaboration with the jockey’s support team can be beneficial to complete the process timely.

Am I able to choose the location of my Jockey franchise or does the company predetermine it?

Indeed, Jockey franchisees may choose their locations after the company’s approval. However, brand compliance and market suitability are also significant criteria to be taken into account when choosing locations.

What is the uniqueness of Jockey compared to other brands in the market, and why should I consider Jockey as the brand to invest in?

Jockey’s international heritage and the brand’s reputation as a reliable intimate apparel brand, along with its innovative product line and unwavering focus on comfort and quality, make it stand out.

Is the Jockey responsible for the store layout and store layout or is the franchisee left with flexibility?

Jockey usually gives store layout guidelines to keep the brand image consistent. Franchisees may have to apply these rules with some alterations.

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