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Introducing No. 1 Digital Energy Saver Device for Air Conditioners – Aircon X

J Magesh Kumar, Sales and Distribution Head, Triveni Health & Disaster Management Pvt. Ltd. talks about the concept behind his business and the future outlook he is anticipating.

Triveni Health & Disaster Management Pvt. Ltd.

1. So, Mr. J Magesh Kumar: What made you start this business of digital energy saver device for air conditioners.

Air Conditioner as we all know is the need of every residence and corporate today. And one and the other person between us have the same question in his mind, “Can I get something which I can put on my AC to conserve the energy?” Seeing the need, we thought, why not to put feet in this industry where demand is already created. And here, we are having the leading position in the market.

2. Want to know the strategy you follow while manufacturing your products and which parts of the world do you want to expand your business?

Triveni Health & Disaster Management Pvt. Ltd. believes in quality more than quantity, we like the market to recognize us as a reliable and trustworthy company rather than a big brand, we believe that providing quality product or service is the only way to grow. We have to take our brand in PAN India.

3. Why you chose distributors as a preferred route to expand business?

The need for the product is huge and customer base is also huge, we feel distributors and dealers will be the best way to reach a wide range of customers.

4. Any specific criteria the distributor should follow?

The distributors should have good contacts in corporate segment and they should be able to commit a minimum target. They are supposed to appoint sub dealer and drive the business through them.

5. And the benefits they will be getting in return?

  • An assured 30% Margin  on completion of target
  • We will proved marketing support
  • Target based Incentives

And the generated inquiries will be directly passed on to the regional distributors.

6. Mr. Kumar, we would like to know, how much partners you are looking to appoint?

We are looking to appoint 1 regional distributor in every state of India and we want to appoint minimum 5 to 10 sub dealers under every regional distributor.

7. Experienced or Fresher?

Experienced are preferred.

8. How is your experience going with Do you find it worth your bucks?

We are the national distributor of an ingenious product which the manufacturer has designed and developed keeping in mind the energy crisis faced in India and worldwide. Even though we had the best energy saver device in the world, yet we still needed a mechanism to deliver it to the end customers, as this product could not be sold of the shelf so we did not opt the current popular mode of selling, which is online shopping.

We needed distributors and dealers across India to reach this product to the end customers. We have tried through our personal contacts and various other means to appoint distributors and dealers but we weren’t that successful and felt the current approach is slow. So we did a little bit of research to find out the best way to do it and then we came across GetDistributors.

In few interactions, we felt that this will be our best bet to go forward. We signed up with GetDistributors and right from the first day we received inquiries and most important was that we received valid ones. In less than two months, we have covered entire south India including Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat and we are expecting to cover other major states in next two to three months.

We wish to thank GetDistributors for the professional approach and support which they have given to us.

Distributorship Facts:

Investment Range Minimum Rs. 7 Lacs
Space Required 100 sq ft
Margin 30%

About the Company: As there is a huge scarcity of power supply in the country, saving power is the need of the nation. Triveni Health & Disaster Management Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India offers Aircon X energy saver which helps the customer to save minimum 45% to maximum of 69% power. Also it helps in saving significant cost of operating the Air Conditioners and minimizing the damage caused to the environment by cutting down the emissions of greenhouse gases and ozone- depleting chemicals.

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