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LED bulbs, LED street lights, and allied electrical products for distribution

Tijaria Led Industries Blog

An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, we, TIJARIA LED INDUSTRIES are a leading organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying LED BULBS, PANELS, TUBES, STREET LIGHTS, and, allied products. A part of the Government’s “Make in India” initiative, we offer our LED products and other electrical supplies under the brand name “TIJARIA”.

Apart from offering LED lighting products, we are also engaged in

manufacturing and supplying water-saving irrigation equipment including Sprinkler Irrigation Systems and Micro Irrigation Systems.

Our LED products are widely sought after in hotels, museums, restaurants, bars, clubs, wellness centers, fair stands, shops, and boutiques as well as in the domestic sector. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED-based lighting fixtures and we specialize in a wide range of commercial/residential indoor and outdoor lighting, including street lighting, industrial lighting, office, and utility lighting, and architectural lighting.

Our products dramatically reduce energy costs as well as energy consumption. They offer high performance and don’t emit UV or IR radiation. They are shock-proof, generate very low heat, do not contain mercury and, have a long lifetime.

Established in the year 1982, TIJARIA LED INDUSTRIES is proud to introduce itself as a flagship group with more than 3 decades of domain expertise. We are looking for city-level distributors to expand in India.

Product list:

  •  LED Bulbs
  •  LED Panels
  •  LED Tubes
  •  LED Street Lights
  •  LED Flood Light
  •  LED Costa Emergency Bulb
  •  Tube Lights Round
  •  LED Crystal Panel
  •  LED Slim Panel
  •  Panel Light Round
  •  LED Down Light
  •  LED Long Bulb
  •  LED Bulb Light
  •  LED Street Light
  •  LED Bullet Bulb
  •  LED Delta T Bulb
  •  LED Image Panel
  •  LED Joerge Concealed
  •  LED Shine Concealed Light
  •  LED Solo Bulb

This list isn’t exhaustive

Product USPs:

  •  Uniform glare-free lighting
  •  Patented thermal solution enables low LED junction temperatures for maintenance-free long life
  •  2-year limited warranty
  •  Dimmable built-in LED driver with smart circuitry enables greater protection when used in unstable electrical grids
  •  Indoor/Outdoor all-in-one luminaire for retrofit or new construction
  •  Lightweight eliminates the need for complicated and costly ceiling reinforcement
  •  All-purpose utility lighting with a short ROI period
  •  Easy access serviceable all-in-one junction box / LED driver
  •  Technologically advanced, low profile all-purpose LED industrial light
  •  Ultra-bright industry-leading high efficacy (lm/W)

Our awards: 

  •  National Award: 2008 for Outstanding Quality Product.
  •  National Award: 2010 for Outstanding Entrepreneurship (Special Recognition Award).
  •  MSME Award: 2011 for Best Performance in Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Rubber & Plastic Sector

Conditions of becoming our distributors:

  •  Space required: 500 sq. ft.
  •  Investment required: Rs. 20.00 Lac – Rs. 25.00 Lac
  •  Must be proficient in handling city level distributorship

Benefits for our distributors:

  •  High margins on our LED lighting and allied products
  •  Comprehensive support from us
  •  High returns on investment

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