Raksha Bandhan: A Beautiful Celebration of Sibling Bonds

Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a Hindu festival celebrating sibling bonds. Sisters tie decorative holy threads or ornate bracelets (rakhis) on their brothers’ wrists, symbolizing protection and support. Brothers give gifts in return, pledging to safeguard their sisters. It’s a time to remember the good times they’ve shared and the love they have for each other. This festival reminds us that even when things change, the love between siblings remains strong and everlasting.

We’ll look at the intriguing history and significance of Raksha Bandhan, as well as how it has evolved, in this blog. Also, stay tuned for some fantastic sibling bonding activities that we’ll be sharing below.

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Ancient Tales of Raksha Bandhan:

There are captivating tales in the ancient scriptures that explain the deep meaning of Raksha Bandhan, which extends beyond merely brothers and sisters. Let’s have a look at some mythological stories:

Shubh, Labh, and Santoshi Maa:

During Raksha Bandhan, Devi Manasa, Ganesh’s sister, visited him and tied a rakhi on his wrist. Shubh and Labh, Ganesh’s sons, inspired by tradition, wanted a sister too. Their wish led to the creation of Santoshi Maa, and the three siblings began celebrating Raksha Bandhan annually. This story highlights the unique roots of the festival’s sibling bond.

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Sachi and Indra: 

In the Bhavishya Puran, Sachi, the wife of Indra, tied a sacred thread around Indra’s wrist to safeguard him in his battle against the mighty demon King Bali. This tale hints at the use of holy threads as protective charms, tied by women to shield men in warfare. The thread’s purpose transcended familial connections, shedding light on its broader significance.

Lakshmi and Bali:

According to the Bhagavat Puran and Vishnu Puran, after Vishnu won over King Bali and took control over the three worlds, Bali invited Vishnu to reside in his palace. However, Goddess Lakshmi, Vishnu’s spouse, was uneasy with this arrangement. 

To address her concerns, she tied a rakhi on King Bali and asked for her husband Vishnu’s return. Touched by her gesture, King Bali granted her the wish. This story shows the power of a rakhi in shaping fate.

Krishna and Draupadi:

In Mahabharat, Krishna and Draupadi shared a unique friendship. When Krishna hurt his finger in the battle, Draupadi tore her sari to dress his wound. Deeply touched by her kindness, Krishna pledged to repay her someday. True to his word, he later saved Draupadi when she needed him the most. 

Also, Draupadi tied a rakhi on Krishna’s wrist before he embarked on the epic fight, reflecting the meaning of Raksha Bandhan. Kunti, Draupadi’s mother-in-law, also tied a rakhi on her grandson Abhimanyu, indicating the protective relationship between family members.

These ancient legends explain the various meanings of Raksha Bandhan, demonstrating how essential and strong the relationships it signifies are, going above and beyond the norm.

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Raksha Bandhan Across the Globe

Guess what? Raksha Bandhan is no longer limited to India! It has traveled across oceans and mountains, finding a home in different countries. Let’s see how people celebrate this festival in other parts of the world:

  • Nepal: Janai Purnima

Raksha Bandhan is also known as Janai Purnima or Rishitarpani in Nepal. This festival involves a sacred thread ceremony and both Nepalese Hindus and Buddhists observe it. In some parts of Nepal, girls and women tie rakhi on their brothers’ wrists, whereas Hindu males alter the thread they wear around their chests (janai).

  • Thailand: Wan Rak

Thailand celebrates Raksha Bandhan as “Wan Rak” or the “Day of Love.” Friends tie friendship bands on each other’s wrists to express their love and care.

  • Mauritius: Rakhi Purnima

On this beautiful island, Mauritius, people from different cultures come together to tie rakhis and celebrate unity.

  • United States: Rakhi Celebrations

In America, Indian communities gather to tie rakhis, share gifts, and enjoy yummy food.

  • Evolution of the Raksha Bandhan Festival

Raksha Bandhan has evolved with time. However, the heart of the festival remains the same: sisters tying a special protective thread, known as a rakhi, around their brother’s wrist. But the celebration has now become much more fun in modern times. Brothers and sisters exchange gifts, express their thoughts, and remind each other of their love and concern.

Sibling Bonding Activities to Strengthen Your Bond Forever 

Strengthening sibling bonds is a wonderful idea for Raksha Bandhan. Here are some activities you could consider:

  1. Handmade Gifts: Create personalized gifts for each other like handmade cards, crafts, etc.  
  2. Storytelling: Share childhood memories, or funny incidents from old times. This would not only strengthen your bond with your sibling but would also bring a lot of laughter and nostalgia.
  3. Cooking Together: Spend time in the kitchen preparing a meal or baking goodies. Cooking together can be a fun and fulfilling experience.
  4. Movie Marathon or Game Night: Have a movie marathon or a game night where you all can enjoy each other’s company and have a gala time.
  5. Outdoor Adventure: Plan an outdoor activity like a picnic, hike, trekking, or a visit to a local park and create new memories together.
  6. DIY Rakhi: Be creative and celebrate the occasion in a meaningful way. Instead of buying rakhis, make your own together. 
  7. Sibling Photoshoot: Have a fun photoshoot together. Wear coordinated outfits, capture your special moments, and create lasting memories.
  8. Sweet Secret Surprises: Plan secret surprises for each other. It could be a small gift, a note, or even doing a chore for them.
  9. Share Dreams and Aspirations: Take some time to talk about your dreams and aspirations. It’s an excellent way to understand each other better and offer support.


This year, the festival of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on August 30As rakhis are tied and gifts are exchanged, this festival paints a beautiful picture of the love between brothers and sisters. So, as you celebrate Raksha Bandhan, remember the strong thread that connects you and your sibling, making your bond truly amazing and special of all! 

How do you and your sibling celebrate Raksha Bandhan? What’s your favorite memory of celebrating this festival? Share your stories and thoughts below!

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