Significance of Jewelry In Indian Culture

India is a land that is rich and diverse in almost everything like languages, geographical regions, cultures, artifacts, and even jewelry. From the inception of our civilization to modern times, jewelry has always been an integral part of Indian society, especially for Indian women. This embellishment is considered as auspicious and it represents prosperity in our culture. Besides, enhancing beauty, it also symbolizes power, wealth and social status. Some people consider it an art and others treat jewelry as a part of their tradition and rich heritage.

Significance of Jewelry In Indian Culture

During Indian weddings, a variety of jewelry carries ethnic and spiritual meanings. Other than the pieces of jewelry worn by the bride, there are religious pieces of jewelry that are offered to god and goddesses. Indian jewelry is usually made out of precious metals, like gold, silver, copper, etc. and are studded with gemstones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, jade, etc. Nose rings, mang-tika, mangalsutra, earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and bangles are the most common jewelry items worn by Indian women.

Jewelry and Indian Culture :

Jewelry: A Perfect Adornment

Jewelry will always be considered as the perfect adornment which enhances the beauty of the wearer and can make anyone stand out in a crowd. Adornments have been used by Indians for centuries; jewelry made of gold, diamonds and other precious stones were worn by the members of the royal families, like king, queen, princess, and prince. Though the trend of men adorning themselves with jewelry has now faded away, however, many of them still use bracelets, pendants, earrings, etc. In India, jewelry holds the utmost significance and is considered very auspicious for women. Ornaments like mangalsutra, nath/ nose ring, bangles, and toe rings are quintessential for married Indian women.

Jewelry: A Great Gifting Option

Jewelry is one of the commonly gifted commodities in India and is given as gifts in most auspicious occasions. In today‘s’ time, sleek-looking fashionable jewelry manufactured using inexpensive materials is also highly sought after as presents. In our country, a woman is gifted with some form of jewelry in every phase of her life like at birth, on reaching marriageable age, in marriage, on becoming a mother, etc. Gold jewelry not only acts as a beauty enhancer but is also considered as an astute investment in our country. Gold that is gifted to a woman at her wedding by her parents and relatives is referred to as “Stridhan”, which means “wealth of a woman”.

Jewelry: A Reliable Investment

As we all know that Indians are very sensitive about their hard-earned money and they prefer to invest it carefully rather than spending it mindlessly. Despite the availability of various investment modes, Indians still prefer buying gold jewelry. Gold prices are on a high across the globe and investing in gold jewelry may prove to be a really smart investment move. It can be purchased easily and doubles up as an investment that can be liquidated when required.

Jewelry: Cultural Significance

Every state and region in India has a unique culture and tradition, which is portrayed through their clothes, food habits, art forms, handicrafts and most importantly, jewelry designs. Ethnic jewelry from varied parts of India is an integral part of the lives of people living in that particular area. The cultural uniqueness of traditional jewelry from varied parts of the country has made them extremely desired across the world. Through our jewelry, many people based across the globe get to know and understand about a particular culture, its tradition, and its rich legacy.

Diamonds: An Inseparable and Vital Part of Indian Culture

Mention of diamonds can be found in mythologies and it is believed that they were first discovered in India. They are considered as a universal symbol for commitment, beauty, fortitude, love, and strength. Ancient Hindu physicians trusted that diamonds could cure several ailments and disorders. Diamonds were considered to be a combination of different flavors such as salty, bitter, sweet, pungent and acrid and were believed to possess immense powers to treat a wide array of diseases ranging from fever to digestive problems. In the ancient era, people were often advised to hold a diamond in their right hand to maintain a good mental state and prevent lunacy.

The love for diamond jewelry in our country has been recorded since times immemorial and it continues to remain the same, showing no sign of abating. Centuries ago, diamond jewelry was only owned by the royals and the wealthy elites. But not anymore! Diamond jewelry production has undergone a monumental change with the advancement of sophisticated technology, and now even common people with a modest income can afford diamonds in different sizes, cuts, quality, etc., as per their preferences. In our country, diamond jewelry is purchased throughout the year. It is also gifted during festivals, wedding seasons, birthdays and other events.

Decoding Italian Diamond Jewellery

Italian diamond jewelry is much more than merely an attention-grabbing and fashionable piece of adornment. Italian jewelry designs showcase centuries of artful admiration and rich as well as diverse cultural history. They are appreciated across the globe for their impeccable quality standards, creative designs, workmanship, structural integrity, and luxurious looks.

Because of the rising popularity of Italian diamond jewelry amongst Indians, many jewelry makers have started designing and offering timeless and eye-catching Italian diamond jewelry.

For many years, India has been considered as a global jewelry market because of its reasonable costs and availability of highly-skilled labor. According to a report in 2019, the Jewelry sector had played a significant part in the growth of the Indian economy as it has contributed approximately 7 % of India’s GDP and 15 % of our country’s export. Currently, this domain has employed around 4.64 million people and in 2024, it is anticipated to employ about 8.23 million.

India has a large number of centers for cutting and polishing diamonds. According to the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), our nation exports 75 % of the world’s polished diamonds. The Government of India has undertaken several measures to enhance the growth of this sector. Currently, our government allows 100 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) in the sector through the automatic route.

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