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Tips To Become A Jewelry Distributor

“Jewelry- a craze which is endless, a product which is always popular, a  business which is always booming.”

According to a report by Research and Markets, the Jewel Market is set to Glitter in India and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.95 % by 2019.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur having interest for, financial resources and a storage warehouse? If yes, become a jewellery distributor and grab sparkling profits. Read our Expert Guide to start jewelry distributorship

Tips to become a jewelry distributor

The sector is highly-fragmented and most of the leading brands are family-owned. Products in the segment can be categorized as jewellery, gemstones, and pearls, which can be further segmented into diamonds, studded jewellery, precious and semi-precious colored stones, costume jewellery, silver and gold.

Indulging in the business as a distributor will be a safe bet which has proved from the growth facts. Here is the journey of jewelry distributorship -

Fancy designer antique golden bracelets for woman fashion studio shot.

Points to Consider before applying for distribution:

  •  Being a distributor, you will buy jewelry at wholesale rate and then sell it to retailers.
  •   The price you sell should be higher than your purchase price.
  • If you have good amount of money to invest in, it gives you the option to buy in bulk and earn highest margins.
  • You have less no. of customers to deal with and they are all professionals which makes your customer service needs limited.


Decide the type of jewelry you would like to distribute Select from costume jewelry, gold jewelry, artificial jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry and more of which you want to run business.


Specializing in a jewelry niche help you focusing on a specific target market.

Know what kind of marketing will work for you To increase the supply of your products, you can contact jewelry retailers to sell your products at an attractive price. Though nowadays a no. of websites are promoting and marketing the products on best possible online networks which is result-oriented.

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Why? Warm look of Indian Bridal Jewellery

To sell your products and promote your brand, it needs to be advertised and marketed in an effective manner.

Investment and Space You will need to invest a handsome amount and a warehouse free of dust, dirt and sunlight.


It’s an eligibility criteria for distributorship

Other than following the route, you can simply browse the list of trusted and renowned jewelry makers who are looking for distributors for fashion jewelry, studded jewelry and the others at

We assure you happy business!

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