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Watch your Feet Making Polished Profits

“Cindrella is a proof that a pair of shoes can change your life & is a proof that the business of shoes can create polished profits.”

India has a strong foothold in footwear market segment. With the growing income and the acceleration trend for branded footwear has opened gateways for prospective aspirants to join in.

Watch your Feet Making Polished ProfitsThe Market

  • Footwear market in India is segmented between organized and unorganized players. The organized one caters 1/3rd of the market, where the rest is managed by small players. The organized sector represents major players i.e. Liberty, Adidas, Puma, Bata etc. Whereas the unorganized consists of small businesses.
  • Footwear market in India is primarily impelled by men footwear segment, which has been booming with the rise in the purchasing power and the growth of image consciousness among the youngster.
  • Global Footwear Market to Value USD 211.5 billion by 2018
  • India is also the 2ndlargest exporter of footwear in the world


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Factors behind the growth

  • Increase in disposable income
  • Growth in rural segment
  • Rise in organized sector
  • Increasing availability of credit
  • Growing consciousness towards fashion

Challenges in the Biz

  • Tough competition from unorganized players
  • Affordability issues


Start a footwear distributorship business

Open up a shoe franchise or store

Connect with big retailers and dealers as independent sales agent

After taking all the facts in consideration about the footwear business, it is very well predicted that this business has a likely future for wishful aspirants. Do you want to join the race too?

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