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What Makes a Successful Distributor?

Remember its a business partnership and selection of a good distribution partner is vital to attain targets. So while choosing distributors, observe the potential distributor- if he has the characteristics which makes a successful distributor, is he capable of taking your product to the consumers and would be able to meet your needs and lots more.

What Makes a Successful Distributor

Manufacturers Speak Out

In a recent survey manufacturers were asked the qualities they look in their distributors. On that one manufacturer said,” A distributor should have full-fledged knowledge of his market he is targeting and the challenges he has to face”.

Many manufacturers said, “A good business distributor should be hard working, understand its market, self-motivated, he should offer suggestions to improve the sales.”.

“Win-Win Attitude! Becoming a distributor requires positive and winning attitude,” said one manufacturer.

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Taking all the manufacturers points into consideration, we have gathered the topmost qualities a distributor should possess:

  • Confident
  • Never interrupts the client
  • Develops good listening skills
  • Takes time to build relationships
  • Creates an atmosphere of trust
  • Finds ground to build camaraderie
  • Understands the client’s specific needs and challenges
  • Identifies and appreciates the unique features of client
  • Brings the client into confidence about his purchase making decision


Distribution opportunities don’t have an end. To choose the best distributorship offer and derive margins from that needs a good level of understanding.

Consultatory selling allows distributors to develop a ‘yes we can do it’ approach and this selling makes everyone a winner.

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