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24 Seven Franchise – How to Get, Contact, Apply, Fee

In a rapidly changing retail environment, 24 Seven is a great business that gives people the opportunity to run their businesses through franchising. The brand has been able to create its niche in the marketplace due to its wide range of products and services. In this blog, we will go through 24 Seven franchise opportunities and explore their areas of specialization, competitors, challenges, and the application process so that you can make the right choice on whether it suits your entrepreneurship goals.

24Seven Franchise Opportunities Is It the Right Fit for You

Business Model 24 Seven?

24 Seven is a retail franchise that is dedicated to bringing convenience to customers by providing a broad array of products and services around the clock. From the daily necessities to specialty items, 24 Seven strives to satisfy all the customer’s requirements, regardless of whether it is day or night. The brand is famous for its convenience stores, which are situated in areas with the highest traffic rate, so that customers, who need a fast and easy way of shopping, can get to them easily.

The Impressive Product Range:

24 Seven typically offers a variety of items mentioned below.

  • Groceries: Vegetables, fruits, packaged foods, and everyday essentials.
  • Beverages: Soft drinks, juices, and an array of hot and cold beverages.
  • Snacks: A diversified variety of snacks, from healthy options to indulgent treats.
  • Personal Care: Toiletries, hygiene products, and basic health care items.
  • Convenience Items: The list of goods that we use daily includes batteries, chargers, and stationery.

Why you should consider opening a 24 Seven franchise?

Deciding to go with a 24 Seven franchise as a company opportunity could be attractive because of the different reasons, depending on what the franchise is about. Here are some potential advantages

  • Market Demand
  • Increased Revenue Potential
  • Competitive Edge
  • Diverse Customer Base
  • Brand Recognition
  • Franchisor Support
  • Proven Business Model
  • Adaptability to Changing Lifestyles
  • Opportunities for Innovation

The primary step is to examine the franchise carefully, evaluate your plan and finances, and read the franchise agreement carefully before you choose any franchise. Apart from this, try to contact the franchisees who are already in the system to get their views on their experience in the system and the general franchise environment.

Post Your Requirment(1)


24 Seven has been the top brand in this category, but other companies are competing with it. Some notable competitors include:

  • 7-Eleven: A global chain of convenience stores that are synonymous with a wide product range and 24/7 availability.
  • Circle K: Another convenience store chain besides ours, offering a wide range of products and services.
  • Wawa: Generally, Wawa is situated in the northeastern United States and it is famous for the fresh food that is sold along with ordinary convenience store products.


The convenience store industry is marked with a series of challenges to be overcome. Some of the potential hurdles include:

  • Choosing the best location: For a convenience store to thrive, it’s important to live in a popular area.
  • Inventory: Reduces waste, especially with perishables, and improves inventory storage.
  • Follow the law: Follow local laws and business permit requirements.
  • Stay Fixed: Differentiate your products in a different sales category.

Tips for interested individuals in the 24 Seven franchise:

  1. Assessment: Understand the franchise model, requirements, and support available.
  2. Location: Identifies possible locations based on foot traffic, population, and competition.
  3. Financial Planning: Consider initial costs compared to potential benefits.
  4. Training and Support: Make sure 24Seven’s program prepares you for a successful franchise.

How to get 24 Seven franchise:

  • Contact the Franchisor: Express interest and ask for detailed information.
  • Prerequisites: Complete the required steps to verify eligibility.
  • Discovery Day: Attend a conference to meet company employees and learn more.
  • Franchise Agreement: If you are satisfied, review and sign the agreement with terms and conditions.

What do you know about 24 Seven Franchise?

Industry Retail
Business Line Supermarket
Organization Type Private
Head Office Mumbai
Founder Celeste Gudas
Founded In (year) 2000
No. of Franchise Outlets 20+
Master Franchise Model Not Available
Franchise Tenure 5 Years
Franchise Location All over India
Business Set-Up Time 30 days
Franchise Commencement Year 2001

What is the 24 Seven Franchise Investment Requirement?

Investment for 24 Seven Franchisee
Franchise Fee Rs.2 Lakhs – Rs.3 Lakhs
Infrastructure Investment Rs.15 Lakhs – Rs.20 Lakhs

What is the 24 Seven Franchise Infrastructure requirement?

Infrastructure Required
Shop / Unit Area 800 – 2000 Sq. Ft.
Employee Headcount 4 to 5
Parking Facility Compulsory
Billing Counter Compulsory
Product Display Area Compulsory
Air Conditioner Compulsory
CCTV Set-up Compulsory
Computer / Internet Connectivity Compulsory
Product Delivery Optional


The 24 Seven franchise offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs entering the convenience store business.

Informed decision-making is important, requiring thorough research, thoughtful planning, and a commitment to deliver high-quality customer service at a self-regulating dynamic pace


How many years has 24 Seven operated in the market?

24 Seven has been a pillar in the business scene ever since the year 2000 when it was opened. Having over two decades of experience under its belt, the franchise has demonstrated its capability to adapt to the ever-changing retail environment as well as its expertise gathered over 22 years.

What kind of support does 24 Seven provide to its franchises?

24 Seven provides a complete package of services, including training, marketing assistance, operational guidance, and ongoing support, which are meant to help the franchisees achieve their goals.

What are the financial requirements for a new 24 Seven franchisee?

If you want to start a 24 Seven franchisee, you have to take into account the initial investment, the franchise fees, and the ongoing royalty or marketing fees. The franchisor can be reached directly to get detailed financial information.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for general purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. The author and publisher do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content. Business decisions should be made after thorough research and consultation with professionals. The mention of specific companies or products does not imply endorsement. Financial estimates are based on available data and may change. The author and publisher are not liable for any actions taken based on the content. Readers are advised to independently verify information before making business or financial decisions.

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